Helen_SunAt Dealogic we believe in providing the opportunities for talent to broaden their skillset and thrive through responsibility. Now a senior member of the Asia Loans Research team, Helen joined the company in 2015 and quickly became a proactive member in researching transactions and liaising with market participants across the region. She then used her market knowledge to help shape our annual Asia Loans Forum for senior level bankers, and is now responsible for guiding junior members in the team.



At Dealogic you get to learn new things every day, and I enjoy working in an environment that is very open and friendly.

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I love the company’s strong client facing emphasis and the ever learning experience from our clients.

Darren Yip
Relationship Team Manager, New York

Dealogic’s hiring philosophy is based very much on humility, where intelligence and honesty are prized within the value system.

Issariya Udomritkul
Senior Client Relationship Manager, London