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Deal Makers: The IB Forecast

An analysis of planned investment bank spend Through interviews with the top +/-100 corporates for each of 8 key investment banking markets* covered, Dealogic and East & Partners have created a unique analytical partnership to help banks gain insight into the upcoming deal activity and bank selection of their top clients. The report is to […]


IB Highlights: Lessons from 2008

Lessons from 2008 Although characteristics and speed of the current Covid-19 crisis show some distinct differences to the crisis of 2008, a review of developments during the global financial crisis can be a helpful lesson in predicting the possible development of investment banking activity ahead. The S&P 500 Index closed at a record high of […]


DCM Highlights: Full Year 2019

Debt volume in 2019 close to highest on record As another year closes full of uncertainties and fears haunting the financial markets, the unsettled environment was met in stark contrast by the confident performance of bond sales in the primary market.  In 2019, a total of $7.148tr worth of bonds were sold to investors globally […]


M&A Highlights: Full Year 2019

Global M&A volume on a decline During 2019, global M&A volume has been struggling amid the worldwide economic and political uncertainties. Among all regions, the overall volume saw a small decrease of 0.5% from $4.11tr in 2018 to $4.09tr this year. Despite this, off the back of 34 megadeals1 announced in the US in 2019, […]


ECM Highlights: Full Year 2019

Global Roundup 2019 was the year when the Saudi ARAMCO IPO finally priced helping to boost Q4 2019 IPO volume to its highest quarterly level since Q4 2015. $68.8bn was raised via 381 IPOs.   Overall $720.0bn was raised globally through the equity capital markets, virtually level with the $722.3bn raised in 2018, although where […]


Loans Highlights: Full Year 2019

Global Outlook: FY 2019 Market Drivers The syndicated loans market had to navigate troubled waters in 2019. Increasing trade barriers, political uncertainty as well as the cyclical and structural deceleration of some major economies impacted both volume and revenue which were down by 15% and 24% respectively year-on-year. Non-Investment grade loans receded at a fast […]


Alibaba completes secondary listing for $11.7bn using Dealogic

On November 20, Alibaba successfully completed its secondary listing on Hong Kong Mainboard for $11.2bn since its first and largest listing on NYSE in 2014. The deal is the largest new listing on Hong Kong Mainboard in the last 5 years and the largest secondary listing on record.   As a trusted financial platform partner, […]


Greta Thunberg is right

“How dare you?” This September at the UN Climate Action Summit, the young, Swedish Greta Thunberg reminded1 world leaders they are not doing enough regarding climate change. M&A activity in renewable energy reflects that inactivity. 2018 was the only year with increased interest in high-volume renewable targeted M&A, with total volume soaring to a record-high […]


Loans Highlights: First 9 Months 2019

Global Outlook: First 9 Months Market Drivers Sluggish economic growth driven by trade wars and political uncertainty has marred 2019. Both the syndicated loans market and the world economic output (WEO) echoed the same story. Whilst WEO fell to 3.2, its lowest since 2017 (3.5) according to the IMF, the first nine months (9M) of 2019 […]

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