gergoAt Dealogic we believe in developing talent both professionally and personally, and providing an open and helpful community. As Head of Product Architecture, Gergö is responsible for creating the technical vision for our applications, where he and his team of technical architects support our in-house developers throughout the software development life cycle.

Various learning opportunities together with experience across different parts of the Dealogic platform, have helped broaden Gergö’s knowledge at both the technical and business level. As a Technical Architect he started working on our equity deal execution products, before heading Architecture for the DCM execution platform. He and his team are now working on transforming Dealogic’s Content applications to deliver high-quality data to consumers both inside and outside the firm.

Dealogic provides a huge number of options for learning: books, access to new technology, online courses, internal and external trainings, workshops, conferences, etc. You just need to look around and ask.

More Success Stories:

At Dealogic you get to learn new things every day, and I enjoy working in an environment that is very open and friendly.

Helen Sun
Regional Research Manager, Hong Kong

Dealogic’s hiring philosophy is based very much on humility, where intelligence and honesty are prized within the value system.

Issariya Udomritkul
Senior Client Relationship Manager, London