Dealogic offers a mobile view for its trusted and reliable deal execution platform. Clients with DealManager can access real-time data and analysis during execution of a transaction on tablets.
From roadshow information to investor profiles and demand summaries, Pulse provides the best framework to manage your business while on the road.

If you want to:

  • View the order book
  • Get immediate order updates as they come in
  • Understand how well the book has been covered
  • See analysis of the order book, view allocations, and analyze distribution
  • Track top orders, price sensitivity, and geographical breakdown of investors
  • Get full roadshow meeting schedules

All from your tablet. Pulse is the answer.

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    Dealogic is committed to maintaining stringent information security from our processes to our platform, products, people, and practices.

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    The foundation of the Dealogic platform and the industry standard relied on by clients and publications worldwide.

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