Institutional Investors

The Dealogic platform offers a fully integrated and seamless connection between investment firms and banks, providing a synchronized view of all services delivered. The platform delivers a network of more than 250 leading institutional investors worldwide.
From corporate access to activity tracking, broker voting, content, and new issues, Dealogic provides the best framework for seamless consumption of resources.

If you want to:

  • Aggregate and streamline all corporate access data
  • Monitor resource allocation to optimize commissions
  • Effectively execute broker votes
  • Increase transparency to meet compliance needs
  • Connect to the sellside on new primary issues

Dealogic is the answer.

That’s because the Dealogic platform integrates content, analytics, and technology like no other partner can.

For more information on how Dealogic Connect can help seamlessly integrate the sellside and buyside; or how Feeds can be your single source of capital markets, contacts, and holdings data, contact our team today.

  1. Security at Dealogic

    Dealogic is committed to maintaining stringent information security from our processes to our platform, products, people, and practices.

  2. Content and Data

    The foundation of the Dealogic platform and the industry standard relied on by clients and publications worldwide.

To join the hundreds of clients already on the Dealogic platform, contact our team today.

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  2. Europe
  3. Americas

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