Capital Markets

As an innovative global partner, Dealogic is the only platform that provides a single solution to help banks search for new business, grow revenue, and measure success.
From client targeting to origination screening, wallet share analysis, deal-level analytics, and contact and holdings data, banks know to call Dealogic.

If you want to:

  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Search for new business opportunities
  • Distribute more effectively
  • Allocate resources more efficiently
  • Measure success
  • Increase connectivity with mobile access to analysis

Dealogic is the answer.

For more information on how DCM ManagerECM Manager, and LevFin Manager can help originate new business opportunities, or how Feeds can be your single source of capital markets data, contact our team today.

  1. Security at Dealogic

    Dealogic is committed to maintaining stringent information security from our processes to our platform, products, people, and practices.

  2. Content and Data

    The foundation of the Dealogic platform and the industry standard relied on by clients and publications worldwide.

To join the hundreds of clients already on the Dealogic platform, contact our team today.

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