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On July 27, two Brazilian issuers successfully completed their IPOs, for a combined total of $783m. Reinsurance firm IRB-Brasil Resseguros‘ $551m offering is Latin America’s largest insurance sector IPO in 4 years; while energy company Omega Geracao‘s $232m deal is the region’s third IPO from the renewable sector.

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Transaction DetailsIRB-Brasil Resseguros

Nationality: Brazil

Industry: Insurance

Deal Value ($m): $551

Deal Type: IPO

Bookrunners: Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Itau, JPMorgan, Brasil Plural SA Banco Multiplo, BTG Pactual, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Transaction DetailsOmega Geracao

Nationality: Brazil

Industry: Energy

Deal Value ($m): $232

Deal Type: IPO

Bookrunners: BTG Pactual, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bradesco, Itau, Santander, and XP Investimentos

Key Points

Top 3 Brazilian IPOs in 2017 YTD

  1. Grupo Carrefour Brasil, $1.4bn | Retail | Brazil | Jul 2017
  2. Azul, $643m | Transportation | Brazil | Apr 2017
  3. IRB-Brasil Resseguros, $551m | Insurance | Brazil | Jul 2017

Top 3 Global Insurance IPOs in 2017 YTD

  1. ING Life Insurance Korea, $974m | Insurance| South Korea | Apr 2017
  2. IRB-Brasil Resseguros, $551m | Insurance | Brazil | Jul 2017
  3. FFI Holdings, $75m| Insurance | Unites States | Jun 2017


Data Source: Dealogic as of July 28, 2017