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Dealogic supports many of the industry’s leading seminars and conferences. Below is a list of the upcoming events that we are supporting over the coming months.

Dealogic - Events

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China Debt Capital Markets Summit 2015

The China Debt Capital Markets Summit 2015

Date: 19 May, 2015

Venue: Beijing


The Euromoney China Debt Capital Markets Summit 2015 will provide Chinese FIs, POEs and SOEs with an examination of global debt markets. Euromoney will profile deals done in USD, Euros and off-shore RMB - which markets are open, at what price and for who?

For the global investment community this meeting will connect investors new to China credit with a cross section of potential new issuers as China becomes a significant and important new asset class providing yield and diversification to global markets.

Euromoney is proud to present this new annual meeting that will connect Chinese credit with global capital.

For further information please click here or contact Jimmie Chan at or +852 2842 6961. 

Philippines Capital Markets Forum 2015

Philippines Capital Markets Forum

Date: 23 June, 2015

Venue: Hong Kong


As the Philippines grows into one of Asia’s hottest investment destinations, FinanceAsia brings you this one day event to discuss its continual path of liberalization of the financial sector and what this means for investors.

Led by the Ministry of Finance and Secretary Cesar V. Purisma, we will hear from a cross-section of public sector regulators, local and international corporations and investors as they discuss the key issues the depth and opportunities within the Philippines capital markets.

For further details on how you can get involved, please contact Tasha Mahabir at or call + 852 3175 1926

Asia Securitization Congress 2015

Asia Securitization Congress 2015

Date: 25-26 June, 2015

Venue: Hong Kong


Securitization is a vital funding tool and a channel for borrowers to access the global capital market. Traditionally, it has contributed to funding real economy assets such as residential mortgages, auto loans and SME lending and other assets.

Even though the Asian securitization market has been through a tough time in recent years, it is showing a strong growth rates in the wake of the Asian Financial Crisis. In China, after years of trial and practice, the China securitization market has entered into a new era and its role has becoming increasingly important. At the end of 2014, China has issued worth more than 260 Trillion RMB in securitization products. In Singapore, commercial mortgage-backed securitization will benefit from higher economic growth. The CLO market will be supported mostly by the originator's need to refinance maturing deals, rather than for funding purposes. In other Asian countries, securitization is already in the development stage. Meanwhile, relevant supervisory policies and regulatory bodies are still need to be developed.

With this in mind, the Asia Securitization Congress 2015 will be held on 25-26 June in Hong Kong. This summit will examine policies and regulations and present at overview of the Asia securitization markets, drawing upon in-depth insights and sharing practical experiences from regulators and experts. This congress will attract over 250 participants representing the Asian securitization industry and other market leaders to explore best practices and create invaluable networking opportunities

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